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Here Members of Congress, legislative staff, and the media will find detailed information on H.R. 1449, 
The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act of 2011.

Full Text of H.R. 1449 

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Issue Sheet

The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act of 2011 (H.R. 1449) is critical to ensuring that the independent vehicle aftermarket have access to the service information and tools necessary to repair today's computer controlled vehicles.

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Polls, Surveys, and Studies

Numerous polls, surveys, and studies have been commissioned to bring to the forefront of the debate the need for Right to Repair:

Right to Repair Opinion Research Study

The survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation to provide an objective viewpoint on the issues faced by the automotive aftermarket. Using fact based insights gained from establishments such as, general repair shops, specialty repair shops, gasoline service stations, collision repair shops, and tire dealers, this research dispels some of the commonly held myths about the availability of service information and diagnostic tools to the repair shops.

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Automotive Aftermarket Survey 2006

The survey showed once again that there is overwhelming support among Independent Automotive Aftermarket Shop owners and managers for the Right to Repair Act. Fully 88% of respondents favor passage of this legislation, including 65% who "strongly" favor its passage.

This overwhelming level of support is consistent among Alliance of Automotive Service Providers members (90%), Automotive Service Association members (87%), Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association members (88%), and members of state level automotive trade groups (95%).

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May 19, 2006 Voters Poll

According to a poll released May19, 2006, voters overwhelmingly support "The Right to Repair Act of 2007" (H.R. 2048) back Congress' passage of the bill, and would vote for candidates which favor the bill.

The poll, conducted by the polling company for CARE, showed that voters supported vehicle repair equality by a margin of 4-to-1 (76%-19%), and declared that important information held by newer vehicle computer systems should not be accessible only by auto manufacturers and dealers. The poll showed that a strong majority of voters would be more likely to cast a ballot for a candidate who favors the bill.

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National Federation of Independent Business Poll.

Eighty percent of National Federation of Independent Business members say carmakers should disclose information to repair shops.

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Members of Congress Who Support Right to Repair

For the current list of legislators who support H.R. 1449, please click here.

Organizations That Support Right to Repair

Consumer and Business Groups

American Automobile Association (AAA)
National Federation of Independent Business
National Grange
60 Plus Association
Retail Industry Leaders Association

Automotive Industry

Advance Auto Parts
All Pro Auto Value
Association of Automotive Service Providers
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers
Alliance of State Automotive Aftermarket Associations
Automotive Parts & Service Alliance
Automotive Parts & Service Association of Illinois
Automotive Wholesalers of Texas
Blue Magic
Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC
California Nevada Automotive Wholesalers Association
Coalition for Auto Repair Equality
Electronics Assoc. Pennsylvania Gas and Oil
Erie Drive Train
Jiffy Lube
Michigan Automotive Parts Association
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Ohio Valley Automotive Aftermarket
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Petroleum Retailers & Auto Repair Association
Service Station Dealers of America and Allied Trucks
SRS Marketing Company, Inc.
Strauss Discount Auto
Tuffy Auto Service Centers
Tire Dealers Association of Western Pennsylvania
Tire Industry Association
Valvoline Washington Automotive Wholesale Association

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