Why Do We Need Right to Repair?

Current automotive technology is being used to successfully "lock out" car owners from being able to repair and maintain their own vehicles. Modern automobiles contain many computers that control virtually every component such as the braking system, steering mechanism, air bags, ignition, climate control system, dome and check engine lights, fuel injection, tire pressure, and some oil and tire changes.

Lacking the ability to "talk" to the cars' computers, owners or their auto technicians cannot accurately diagnose mechanical problems or install safe and reliable replacement parts that are compatible with the vehicles' computers.

This means that later model cars can only be serviced and repaired at automobile dealerships, which makes shopping around for the best prices and most convenient service locations impossible.

When forced to return to the dealership for service and repair, consumers are denied competitive prices and the right to choose where, how and by whom to have their vehicles repaired and may be denied more reasonable prices and more convenient locations.

Global Right to Repair

The European Union has passed Right to Repair and an aggressive effort is currently underway in Canada. Right to Repair is clearly a global issue whose time has come.

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